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Sir Adrien : New EP "Silences of Nothing"

These silences were captured one beautiful summer morning in the church of Plurien in Brittany

(Romanic nave of the XIth  and Templars in the XIIth century).
Instruments and voices naturally invited each other to create this atmosphere of meditation.

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If the language came to the men out of necessity, from where came the luxury of music? This wealthiness, this abundance, this magnificence emotional person? Because Pythagoras already mentioned the "music of spheres", this thing can only come moreover. And not only to cover the anxiety of silence. In the case of Adrien, only average to face the world, she came to find accommodation in him from her young age and for ever.


Learn that the galaxies vibrate of everywhere in the infinity is rather a good news for a musician.
Sir Adrien is confusedly interested in the laws of the gravitation, in the material and in the dark energy, in the quantum physics, in the string theory …
For him, it is important that it vibrates, is added, accelerates, this world obeys secret laws necessarily orchestrated by a Power out of reach.
So much beauty and mystery, the Cosmos speaks to him, inexhaustible source of inspiration.


Thus this album, of a "universal" tone, wants to trot on the meeting of all those who feel too carried by these undefinable, at the same time familiar and inexplicable waves.

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